Imaginary Birds

So excited abouts these 3D imaginary birds inspired by Barbara K! The kids did so well! 



Art Treasure

I found this beautiful drawing on my desk this morning inspired by our perspective drawings. Wow! Too bad there's no name for the fame...


Positive and Negative

Positive: this art display stayed up for 3+ months!

Negative: i had to take it down.

Positive: it made room for new artwork!

Negative: my big sign didn't make it.

The kiddos loved this project! I spent 3 weeks studying positive and negative space with 4th grade. First we made notan designs usin complementary colors, then we made positive and negative trees where the tree stayed negative and the background became positive! 

Art Show Prep

Get out that masking tape and get ready to roll- haha!

Ufta! Somedays I feel like I have a minor in tape rolling. Between volunteers and student help I still have two grade levels artworks to tape onto butcher block paper for the art show... It always gets done some how right?! 

Looking good!