Mosaic Picture Frames

As much as I love my job... I don't mind a day off from work! On these days it's always my goal to make some of my own art. Today's artwork included glass and picture frames! 

I got into glass art and mosaics when I lived in Duluth, MN. Duluth has a big glass warehouse and many glass artists. I even had the opportunity to teach stain glass while student teaching!

Making mosaic glass picture frames: 

Cheep frames
Adhesive glue for glass
Glass chipper 
Glass or mirror
Old brush that can get full of glue
Old rags

Here is a photo of all my materials and what you'll need! 

1. Trace the photo size in the middle of the photo paper in the frame like I did above with blue. You will not put any glass in this area.

2. Find the glass you like and clip it with the glass clippers to the size you prefer.
3.Using the brush, paint some glue onto the glass cover or onto the piece of glass you are adding.
4. Keep adding glass until all the area outside the traced area is full.
5. Let the mosaic dry for at least one day.

Part 2: Grout

6. Mix a cup of grout, and rub over the glass trying not to get grout in the traced area.
7. Let the grout dry for a few minutes and wipe it off using old rags.
8. Wipe glass pieces with a clean rag.
9. Let grout dry completely an add your photo in the frame!

Finished!! Check back in to see my finished mosaic frames from today. I'm guessing it will be a while since I have no grout at the moment.

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