Glass Fusion Plates

Kyle and I finally picked up our glass plates! 

We took a glass fusion class at the Goddess of Glass in Minneapolis! If you enjoy being creative, new experiences, and bringing YOB you have to try out this class. This definitely made my list of "Great Adventures of the Twin Cities".

At first we didn't know what we were getting into. Google maps starting to take us right into the part of Minneapolis you don't quite want to be. However, Kyle is experienced living in the "hood" so I knew we could handle finding this Goddess of Glass place aka The Funky Bungalow. A few bumpy roads later we were in front of the most colorful, and most decorated house in the neighborhood.  Sounds about right for the Bungalow! Anyways, Connie Beckers is a MN glass artist who creates glass art and runs these fantastic glass classes. She is a kind heart with a passion for creativity and making her community a more colorful place. Her inspiring story of how she became a glass artist is enough to make anyone take a risk to achieve their dream. The night was full of laughs, stories, creativity, and fun. Kyle even enjoyed himself... even though he was the only guy there. 

Check out the link below for more Goddess of Glass!Logo The Goddess of Glass 


Here are the plates I made! 

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