Paper Mache Pigs

Yep! We made paper mache pigs in 3D art class at the Y! Simple and messy!


  1. Blow up a balloon
  2. Mix flour and water to the consistency of a thick paste
  3. Rip up strips of newspaper.... LOTS
  4. Taking one strip at a time- dip it in your paste and put it on the balloon
  5. Create a thick layer around your balloon
  6. Let dry 
  7. Add another layer of paper mache (optional- it will make your form stronger)
  8. Let dry
  9. Add on features like Styrofoam cups for the nose and legs- using masking tape
  10. Paint form
  11. Let dry
  12. Add eyes, ears, and a tail (we used paper and a pipe cleaner)

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